We will be doing the same as the regular Project 52 on some assignments – others will vary quite a bit.

For this assignment, an art buyer has asked to see some of your best chocolate shots for a possible chance at a regional ad for chocolate importer. She is not clear about the parameters of the gig, but it will be a multi shot project meant to inspire more sales in the region you are in.

This is a wonderful opportunity of course, but your chocolate shots are a little low.

You must shoot some creative for this presentation – which is two weeks from tomorrow, February 21. You are obviously excited about that possibility.

Here is what I need to see. 2-3 shots based on the assignment to produce elegant and extremely yummy chocolate shots.

Each of you have a style and a genre of shooting that is YOURS – do it that way. If you are a people shooter do people and chocolate. If you are a still life shooter, do it that way. It is meant to be a portfolio shot for you and something you can show our faux art buyer.

Also include the setup shots and a shot ‘creative’ document.

What did you want to accomplish?

How did you accomplish it?

What challenges did you meet and how did you overcome them?

I will get you more info on where we are going to put those images for critique this coming weekend.

Our first critique will be February 21th, 6:30 PST. The European time and date will be announced shortly.

Please – when you are uploading, note whether you are domestic US or European/Asia so I can get an idea of what our audience participation will be. Of course, you are all welcome to either.

You have the assignment and the documents from the email Newsletter… questions and comments in the comment section below.

Author: Don Giannatti

I have been a photographer, art director, creative director and designer for nearly 40 years. The experience both behind the camera and behind the desk hiring photographers has given me a unique set of tools for working with photographers. Project 52 grew out of a frustration with the boards and forums that seem to be more about personalities than the actual work of being a commercial photographer. I am not famous, and I have no aspirations to be... but I know what the hell I am talking about.

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  1. Don said “which is two weeks from tomorrow, February 14, Valentines Day”. Do we have one week or two for the assignment?

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  2. Sweet (pun intended).

    Is the shot creative document what answers the questions asked?

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  3. Sounds like fun. I’ll be traveling on the 21st (my sn is graduatng form bootcamp that week) so I will miss the critic.

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  4. I work Wednesday evenings so I won’t be able to make the critique. I would love to try and watch the European version though. I’m nervous, but I’m ready to make changes!

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  5. We will get that info out to you after this upcoming weekend. Probably going to be a dropbox, but we have to make sure all that bandwidth is cool.

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  6. DOn,
    I am confused, where is our reguls hangout and discussion forum for all the projects, I feel there are way too many places I have to check as not to miss something?

    Is it Flickr, here or Facebook?
    Some post on Facebook but not on flickr or vice versa, it’s a mess!

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  7. Alfred, I know what you mean. I hav eno interest in yet another place to read and check. I am not a fan of facebook and haven’t bothered to join the group and probably won’t.

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    • I like the idea of a closed flickr group better than facebook.

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    • I like that idea, too.

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  8. DO we have aWhere are we posting the pics for this? I seem to have missed that bit of info.


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    • Wow, not sure where the extra text came from at the beginning of that question.

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