Project 52, 2011 Edition Ends On A Wonderful High Note… With Pie!

Tonite was a special night. It was a year ago that we had our first meeting and what a year it has been. Some who started with us left for reasons of life and love. A few just evaporated into the ethos… and that was a bit sad.

But a good group stayed with it till the end. They are the ones that kicked the apathy in the ass and moved hell and earth to be in front of their screens to talk about photographs. Every Wednesday night. To listen to critiques and to be challenged to do it again and make it better.

It is always that way in the things we endeavor. Many start out, and few finish.

I explained on the Project 52 page why I don’t do registrations and signups… life doesn’t make you sign up. YOU show up or you don’t.

“That’s what the people say… You’re ridin high in April – shot down in May…”

So this evening we had a very lively group and we laughed about some things along the way. We had some interesting questions and I must say… it was a bit hard signing off this evening.

Yep – we start tomorrow with a brand new group of folks – all eager to do it. Learn what they cannot find elsewhere. Some of them will not make it through January, and some of them will be with me same time next year when I sign off the 2012 Edition. (I am being asked if there will be a 2013 Edition. I don’t know, but at this point I am leaning to no… I will be doing something else that catches my fancy most likely. We’ll see.)

So here is the Flickr post we are discussing in the video below.

You can follow the critique along by pulling up the flickr page while you listen to me chat about the images. Don’t feel compelled to watch me… lord knows I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

Flickr Group Page

Vokle Rebroadcast of the show.

See you all in the 2012 Edition and the intrepid 50 of the PRO Edition.

Special thanks to Dan Fenwick for bringing the pie!

Author: Don Giannatti

I have been a photographer, art director, creative director and designer for nearly 40 years. The experience both behind the camera and behind the desk hiring photographers has given me a unique set of tools for working with photographers. Project 52 grew out of a frustration with the boards and forums that seem to be more about personalities than the actual work of being a commercial photographer. I am not famous, and I have no aspirations to be... but I know what the hell I am talking about.

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  1. Thank you so much for this past year Don it has been wonderful and look forward to this year.

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  2. Great experience. Thanks for all of your time and effort. My photography – and my life – is better for it.

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  3. Do, thank you for the best thing that’s happened to my photography in years. It’s been a great program and I’m looking forward to 2012 and Pro.

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  4. Don, Thanks so much for your time, encouragement, and helpful critiques. Due to your help, the weekly assignments, and all the great participants, I now have a website and a good start on my printed book. Your class was the force that got me moving. Many, many thanks.

    Ron WA

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  5. Don, what an incredible legacy you started. The boost to get people off the sidelines and into the game.
    What a great group of people to share this journey with too.
    Couldn’t have asked for a better year.
    *ahem* Okay, maybe this one.

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  6. Don,

    I cannot agree more with the previous comments. Although I barely scratched the surface with my participation last year; the comments/critique that I received were all I needed to get off my arse and do this. 2012 is the ‘change’ year for me. I WILL do Project 52. I WILL try my very best at Project 52 PRO.

    Thank you for offering so much for so little.

    Now, off to buy my light meter and get to work on Assignment Three.


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