The Project 52 PRO Experience

Project 52 Summer Edition is Closed.

First of all let me congratulate you on being interested in this unique photographic experience. It really is like nothing else on the web, and this year all the stops are coming out. New assignments, your choice of Live or Recorded Visual Webinar crits, and a whole new library of educational materials are available. Take a look and see what PROJECT 52/2013 Summer is all about. We are serious about the business side as well.

We give you real world assignments that are just like the ones you will work to get as a commercial photographer. A note here, this is not a wedding / baby / family portrait photography workshop. There are plenty of those out there. This is a commercial photographers workshop. Photographers who want to work with magazines, design agencies, ad agencies, corporations, PR firms, architects and more.

The assignments are drawn from real world assignments, and they are as detailed as we can make them. From shooting to a specific image size, to shooting to layout, to shooting from concept only and more, you will be pushed to up your game with every assignment.

Critiques are fair and honest, but not brutal. I do not believe in that sort of crap, so we keep the critiques positive. We certainly go through what could be considered wrong, or a problem, but we also go into how the image could be lit or shot to make it more interesting or conform to the assignment better.

For more information on what the Project 52 PRO group can do for your photography, here are two Webinars we did with last year’s members.

Webinar #1.

Webinar #2

(NOTE: The pricing mentioned in these webinars was for the first class. That pricing will not be offered again, and future pricing may be changed. The current Summer to Summer is $25 per month.)

An Assignment is given each Sunday/Monday and the P52 member has two weeks to make the image. We critique on Thursday evenings at 6PM, PST. If we have some European signups, I will add a critique on Saturday mornings at 7AM PST to accomodate that group. The Saturday group will only meet every other week.

We will be using a Private Facebook page for all of our daily chatter. It is far better than Flickr, more intuitive and the notice feature makes it also more immediate.

The assignments can range from conceptual – shoot “Cold” for a magazine assignment for instance – to finely detailed assignments with finished layouts with type in place to get you familiar with shooting “to layout”. The layouts are furnished in layered Photoshop files for downloading and will work on Photoshop, Elements and GIMP.

Well, yes… frankly it does work. Project 52 has launched a couple of dozen full time professionals and hundreds of the P52 members are shooting far better than they were before becoming involved in this course. And this year it gets even better.

Project 52 PRO Summer is offered for those who want to combine the assignment part with learning and discussing the images as well.

This group will have many of the same assignments as the regular P52 group, but with the addition of instruction with the assignments, the PRO group will have the advantage of seeing the critique of the images and be able to discuss with me and the other members how they did the image, and what can be done to improve. This group will meet twice a week. One time period that works for North/South America and one that works for Europe/Asia participants. We are currently working on those two time slots, and they will be set before we start.*

The fee for working with the PRO group is $25 per month, with a $45 registration fee (includes first month).

What you get with each month of P52 PRO:

  • Access to Webinar Critiques, both live and recorded.
    These video captures will be embedded in the PRO52 page as YouTube Videos that are not public at YouTube. You will be able to access them and the site for at least 3 years.
  • Assignments that include instruction and extra explanation. These will be video and PDF forms depending on the assignment.
  • Ability to discuss the work you do with me and the other members of PRO Project52
  • Access to all UDEMY courses currently in my library there. There are currently three courses and they are a value of over $120.
  • Extras that will include interviews with photographers, former P52 shooters, and Photoshop/Lightroom instruction.
  • With the scheduled webinars, the video instructional materials and Photoshop/Lightroom tutorials, the member will have well over 100 hours of recorded information. That is a heck of a lot of material, and it is all relevant to what YOU want to do.

There are other advantages with working with the PRO group as well. Many of our past members will be on hand to lend insight and encouragement as you go through the program.

More information coming soon, and I do hope you join in and get busy!!!