Assignment Twenty: A Product Shot with a Twist

Assignment Twenty:
A Product Shot: With Layout, Type and a Twist… or two.
(Thanks to Steve Pamp for the image)

Specifics: A Product shot of a product that is used to cook, with eggs. Big spoon with eggs. Egg cooker with eggs. Spatula with eggs. Pan with eggs. Colorful bowl with eggs.

I think you are getting the picture, and I don’t want to scramble your thought processes any more. In fact, I want a sunny-side up approach to this, and no finicky complaining from you hard boiled participants.

Yes. Eggs. NO, they do not have to be cooked. They can be, but that is not necessary. The article/Ad is to discuss the amazing world of the egg. I have a layout for you. Download it here. Put your egg picture into the layer named EGG. It is 1000×1500 pixels. It is a vertical shot. It will make you smile. OK, it may not make you smile… so beat me.

Use the light text for dark shots and the black text for light shots.


Eggs. Eggs raw. Eggs cooked. Eggs mixed. Eggs in a bowl. Eggs with ham.

I do not want them in a tree.
I do not want them with a flea.
I do not want them in a boat.
I do not want them in a float.
I just want them to make me smile
I want you to go the extra mile.

I’ll stop now.


Flickr page for this assignment.

Make sure to catch me on creativeLIVE, June 21 – 24. I am teaching a workshop on Introduction to Table Top Product Photography. See this page for more information.

Author: Don Giannatti

I have been a photographer, art director, creative director and designer for nearly 40 years. The experience both behind the camera and behind the desk hiring photographers has given me a unique set of tools for working with photographers. Project 52 grew out of a frustration with the boards and forums that seem to be more about personalities than the actual work of being a commercial photographer. I am not famous, and I have no aspirations to be... but I know what the hell I am talking about.

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    havn’t been able to find the flickr link for the assignement, missing or am i blinded ?


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