IMPORTANT: This is the free version of Project 52. The Project 52 PRO site is a membership and includes more one-on-one reviews, live webinars, business information and in-depth assignments. This version is fun for any photographer wanting to be involved in an assignment per week, a review of the work and gaining experience in assignment based photography.

Always Looking for Something More?

Being a startup photographer is a lot harder these days. The usual channels are not available to us as easy as they once were. Finding information online is hit and miss. Sure is a lot of info, but is it real world, or real strange?


Project 52 is a fully synergistic approach to building a photography business. From portfolio building to learning how to bid and bill, we will cover as many aspects of the business of commercial photography as we can.

We will give you current, real world type of assignments that you will encounter as you start your business. Whether that business is part time or you are making the jump into full on heavy duty PHOTOGRAPHY, Project 52 can help you get focused.

This is our second year, and we are looking forward to working with photographers from all over the world.


If you are a photographer who is just starting out or have been in the business for a couple of years, this is the year long project for you.

An IMPORTANT distinction: We are not focused on wedding and family portrait business / imagery. This is directed to the commercial photographer – in advertising, design, corporate, editorial, travel and product work. However, much of the information will be of great use to you if you are a wedding/portrait photographer.

As it was last year, Project 52 remains free for the assignments and audio critiques.

How to Participate.

We have a Flickr forum for this project. The assignments are given on this site and you post your images in the appropriate thread on the Flickr forum.

The link to the forum is always on the assignment, and you can find it easily by simply checking the Lighting Essentials Flickr forum. Flickr is free for a basic account, and that is all you need.

  1. It is free. There is no cost. I do this for fun, and the camaraderie you will find is amazing.
  2. There is no membership or signup… just like real life, you show up or you don’t.
  3. We do not sell your information to anyone, because we do not take your information.
  4. You can start any time you want.
  5. The assignments are due two weeks from their assignment.
  6. You retain all ownership of the images and we have no interest in anything more than the fun of this project.
  7. Have fun with it… and learn what you can do to be more professional in your work.